Buzz At Bob's Article - December

Research Yields Fitness Motivation Tips for a Healthy New Year

frustrated-about-weight-loss.jpgAs the weather chills and the economy starts getting back into shape, many wannabe exercisers hope to invest in themselves by becoming healthier in the New Year.

Research from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) provides tips and tricks for staying resolute on those fitness resolutions and enjoying a healthy, happy holiday season.

Plan ahead. The holidays are stressful – but a few lifestyle tweaks can ease the angst, according to a study in ACSM’s official journal, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise®. Researchers found that those who combated anxiety and weight gain with regular, moderate exercise (30 minutes per day of walking can suffice) and stress management techniques reported boosted mood and reduced body weight.

Find your own reason to get fit. Research shows that men and women decide to exercise for different reasons. A study of 83 men and women found that men typically begin or continue an exercise program to improve their physique, while women hit the gym to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Both genders, however, experienced similar levels of exercise “addiction” (the healthy kind!) and commitment from their exercise regimens.

Test your competitive side. Another ACSM study showed that motivation to be physically active was higher when sports – instead of just exercise – were involved. Check at local health clubs to see if there are intramural leagues in your area.

Stay fit in short bouts. Researchers found that those who exercised in three, 10-minute segments per day were more likely to stay physically active compared to those who exercised continuously for 30 minutes.

Determine your barriers. Roadblocks to exercise are common – you don’t have enough time, lack the right resources, or just don’t know what to do to stay fit. Take ACSM’s free assessment of exercise barriers (“Keys to Exercise” tab).

~Provided by the American Council of Sports Medicine

Still not sure where to start? Why not make an appointment for a Fitness or Nutrition Assessment at the BBRC? Whether you are just starting out or you feel as though you have hit a plateau, assessing your current levels of Fitness and Nutrition will provide important information for your health. To find out more information on these assessments, refer to page 55 in the Winter/Spring 2014 Community Activity Guide or visit the Assessment Page in the Recreation section of the City of Lafayette's website.