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When will Coal Creek and Rock Creek trails be opened?
We are pleased to announce that all trails, including Coal Creek and Rock Creek Trails are 100% open as April 30, 2014. The trails have been restored and/or slightly re-routed to accomodate all users after sustaining considerable damage by last September's flood. There are two detours to take into account - these detours MUST be utilized to ensure the safety of trail users and allow contractors to perform their work without risk of injury to anyone.

The detours include the following locations: Coal Creek underpass at S. Public Road and Coal Creek underpass at 120th St. Both of these underpass locations are CLOSED until they are fully restored this summer. However pedestrian crosswalks have been installed on street level to allow trail users to safely navigate the road crossings. Please utilize the button-activated flashing crosswalk equipment before crossing these streets.

The trails are open and functional - please enjoy!

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