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Coal Creek East Open Space

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  1. Biking Trail
  2. Birdwatching
  3. Creek
  4. Native Grasses
  5. Raptor Viewing
  6. Running Path
  7. Soft-Surface Paths
  8. Trail
  9. Walking
  10. Wildlife Corridor
  11. Wildlife Habitat
The Coal Creek Trail extends onto this property thanks to the construction of an underpass at 120th Street. 

The 120th Street underpass was significantly damaged during the September 2013 floods and is currently closed to the public. Contractors are working to rebuild the underpass as of July 2014, and it is estimated to be completed and re-opened by the end of August 2014.  In the meantime a crosswalk over 120th street has been installed for trail users to safely cross the road.

This property is rich in wildlife habitat for riparian species that exist along Coal Creek. The soft-surface trail extends east-west across the property and serves as a valuable open space trail linkage.