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  1. Big Buddies Volunteer Application-Winter/Spring 2017

    Volunteer application for Big Buddies. Application deadline: January 8, 2017.

  2. Email Susan, Coordinator of Volunteer Services
  3. Join the Friends of the Lafayette Library Foundation!
  4. Library Program Proposal Application

    An application for presenting a library co-sponsored program.

  5. Little Buddies Application-Winter/Spring 2017

    Application to be a Little Buddy in the Reading Buddies program.

  6. Reading Buddies Coordinator email form

    Send an email to Sarah, Reading Buddies Coordinator

  7. Staff Program Proposal - Internal Use Only

    Proposal for a library program

  8. Volunteer Application
  1. Book Group Application

    An application for creating a Book Group

  2. Event Report - Internal Use Only
  3. Lafayette Public Library Request an Item
  4. Library Room Reservations - City Staff Use Only

    Meeting Space Request Form

  5. Little Buddies Application-Winter/Spring 2017-SPANISH

    Solicitud para los compañeros pequeños ("Little Buddies")

  6. School Visit Request

    Use this form to request a library visit for your class.

  7. Teacher Book Request

    Use this form to request classroom books.

  8. Volunteer Work Request - Internal Use Only

    Use this form to request time from a library volunteer for a staff project.