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Library Program Proposal Application

  1. PLEASE NOTE: Program Proposal applications are reviewed monthly. The Program Coordinator will contact you within a month to discuss your proposal. Thanks for your interest!

  2. If applicable

  3. Please indicate your preferred dates and times

  4. Please include set up and take down times

  5. Please provide the book title, author, and publisher information.

  6. If applicable, provide the name and telephone number for 1 or more references-- specifying the context in which they are familiar with your skills as a presenter or speaker.

  7. If so, what was the program, and when was it presented?

  8. Bring your own audience! This will ensure your program’s success. The Library cannot guarantee an audience for community programs. Contact your personal and professional networks, through word of mouth, email, flyers, and on your social media sites. Submit notices of your program to area online and print calendars.

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