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Community Development

  1. Artist Database Application Form

    Sign up to be listed in the City of Lafayette Artist Database. Visual artists, musicians, performers, and other arts professionals are... More…

  2. Contact Us
  3. Share your stories, photos, and questions with us
  1. Arts in Education Grant Final Report Form

    LCAC Arts in Education Grant Final Report Form.

  2. Festival Plaza Reservation Request Form

    Festival Plaza is a gathering place in Old Town Lafayette on Public Road and Chester Streets. The Plaza is composed of a series of four... More…

  3. Volunteer Application for Art Night Out

Contact Us

  1. Contact Alexandra Lynch

    Use this form to email city council member Alexandra Lynch

  2. Contact Brad Wiesley

    Use this form to email city council member Brad Wiesley

  3. Contact Gustavo Reyna

    Use this form to email city council member Gustavo Reyna

  4. Contact Stephanie Walton

    Use this form to email city council member Stephanie Walton

  5. Contact the Recreation Center
  6. Contact Us

    Use this form to contact city departments and city council.

  7. Public Works Contact Us

    Use this form to contact the Lafayette, CO Public Works department.

  1. Contact All City Council

    Use this form to email all city council members

  2. Contact Christine Berg

    Use this form to email city council member Christine Berg

  3. Contact Merrily Mazza

    Use this form to email city council member Merrily Mazza

  4. Contact the Library
  5. Contact Tom Dowling

    Use this form to email city council member Tom Dowling

  6. Contact Us Regarding Environmental Sustainability


  1. Utility e-Bill Sign Up Form

    You can now sign up to conveniently receive Lafayette utility bills through your personal email inbox. This paperless system offers a... More…


  1. Fire Department 60 Second Critique

    Fire Department 60 Second Critique

  1. Reserve Fire Fighter Application

    Reserve Volunteer Fire Fighter EMT Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic Application


  1. Assignment Alert

    Help Us Help Your Students! Submit an assignment alert to give library staff advance notice of upcoming assignments and projects so we... More…

  2. Email Susan, Coordinator of Volunteer Services
  3. Join the Friends of the Lafayette Library Foundation!
  4. Library Program Proposal Application

    An application for presenting a library co-sponsored program.

  5. Reading Buddies Coordinator email form

    Send an email to Sarah, Reading Buddies Coordinator

  6. Staff Program Proposal - Internal Use Only

    Proposal for a library program

  7. Summer 2016 Little Buddies Application

    Application deadline: Wednesday, June 1

  8. Summer 2016 Writing Buddies Application (Little Buddies)

    Applications due Wednesday, June 1, 2016

  9. Teacher Book Request

    Use this form to request classroom books.

  10. Volunteer Application
  1. Book Group Application

    An application for creating a Book Group

  2. Event Report - Internal Use Only
  3. Lafayette Public Library Request an Item
  4. Library Room Reservations - City Staff Use Only

    Meeting Space Request Form

  5. School Visit Request

    Use this form to request a library visit for your class.

  6. Summer 2016 Big Buddies Volunteer Application

    Volunteer application for Big Buddies. Open until all positions are filled.

  7. Summer 2016 Little Buddies Spanish application
  8. Summer Reading Survey

    Summer Reading Survey

  9. Teen Team Summer Reading Volunteer Application

    Teen volunteer application for Summer 2016

Parks, Open Space, and Golf

  1. Adopt a Park Application

    Volunteers commit to picking up litter, manual weed control and/or other maintenance as directed by city staff at least three times per... More…

  2. Landmark Tree Program

    Any person who owns property in Lafayette may apply to the city forester in order to designate a tree on that property as a landmark... More…

  1. Application to Cross City-Owned Property to Access Private Property

    Please utilize this online form to apply for permission to cross public land in order obtain access to private property. Many times... More…

  2. Memorial Bench Program

    People may participate in the program by making a donation of $1,000 (or $750 for a backless bench) to cover the cost of the bench,... More…


  1. Contact the Lafayette Police Department

    This form is to contact the Lafayette, COLORADO Police Department. Messages from this form are received during normal business hours.... More…

  2. Unoccupied Residence Notification

    To request extra patrol of your unoccupied residence, please submit this form. The Lafayette Police Department will check your... More…

  1. Online Crime Report

    Welcome to the Lafayette Police Department's online reporting system. If you have an emergency or the crime you want to report is... More…

Public Information

  1. Walk and Wheel Bike Tour Registration - June 11, 2016

    Pre-event registration will be accepted through June 10, 2016 at 12:00pm. On-site sign up will be available on a first-come,... More…


  1. City of Lafayette Recreation and Facility Management Comment Card

    Your comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas are greatly appreciated. Submissions are reviewed by staff on a daily basis.

  2. Free-Agent Player Interest Form

    Form for free-agents interested in an adult recreation team sport.

  3. On-Line Registration Household Information

    To be able to perform on-line class registration, we will need updated household information. Please list all family members in the... More…

  4. Swim Lesson Requests

    Private and Semi-Private swim lessons are for students of any age and ability and are 30 minutes in length. Please complete the form... More…

  5. Walk and Wheel update email list

    Want to stay informed about upcoming updates, input opportunities, community meetings regarding Lafayette's Walk and Wheel Grant? Share... More…

  1. Field and Sports Facility Reservation Request

    City of Lafayette has baseball and soccer fields for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis with availability and time subject to... More…

  2. Lafayette Recreation Department Recreation Guide Advertising Commitment Form
  3. Skateboard Birthday Party Package (5-15 years of age)

    Let the Bob L. Burger Recreation Center staff take care of the party preparations for your child's Birthday celebration. The party... More…

  4. Swim or Gym Birthday Party Package (3-10 years of age)

    Let the Bob L. Burger Recreation Center staff take care of the party preparations for your child's Birthday celebration. The party... More…

  5. Youth Sports Volunteer Coach Interest Form

Senior Services

  1. City of Lafayette Senior Advisory Board Application
  2. Senior Room Rental Form

    Lafayette Senior Service has evening and weekend room rental availability by request. If you are interested in a room rental please... More…

  1. Senior Greeting Card Request

    Do you have a senior that could enjoy receiving a card wishing them a Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Get Well or a Greeting Card? ... More…