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Response Statistics
Response Times
Emergencies and their aftermath cost the citizens of Lafayette in both human and financial terms. The Lafayette Fire Department responded to 1732 calls for service in 2011. Of these calls, 1186 were for emergency medical assistance. Emergency medical services and rescue services (the removal of a victim from a dangerous situation) account for 73% of the fire department’s calls for service. In 2011 our average response time was 4.5 minutes and we arrived on scene 1071 times in seven minutes or less. In an effort to keep our citizens informed, we will post our statistical summary response reports on a quarterly basis for the current year and for the previous year.

(2012) 1st quarter        (2012) 2nd quarter        (2012) 3rd quarter        (2012) 4rth quarter        2011 end of year

Time vs products of combustionFire Response
In 2011, there were 218 fire related calls in the City of Lafayette. Of these fire calls, 29 resulted in significant fires. The old and young are most often victims of fire. According to the National Fire Data Center, fifty-percent of fire fatalities, nation wide, are people over sixty or under five years of age. Seventy-three percent of these deaths occur in the victim’s home.

Minutes to defibrillation cardia arrestEMS Response
The American Heart Association established a standard response time of less than four minutes for basic life support and four to eight minutes for advanced life support to begin for victims of cardiac arrest. These standards were established using the probability of survival curve. As the intervention time approaches four minutes, the slope of the probability of survival curve becomes steeper.

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