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Sales Tax Information
Sales Tax
This tax is paid according to where the product changes hands.
  • Example - A customer makes a purchase at a store, then takes the product with them when they pay for it.

Use Tax
This tax is paid on a product that a company uses in their business in Lafayette that is not passed on to their customers, when sales tax is not paid at the time of purchase.
  • Example A – If ABC Company buys a computer at a local store, sales tax will be paid at the time of purchase so no use tax is due. If ABC Company buys a computer from a company in California, no sales tax is paid at the time of purchase, so use tax is due on that computer. Use tax is a one-time deal like sales tax, not an on-going thing.
  • Example B – Mr. Smith’s Veterinary Clinic buys bags of dog treats that they sell to the customers from his supplier in New York (no tax paid at time of purchase). His customers pay the sales tax on the bags of treats that they buy. Mr. Smith opens a bag to have as free treats for his customers when they come in. Since no customer will be paying sales tax on that bag, Mr. Smith owes use tax on that bag of treats.

Sales Tax Application
Sales Tax Application

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