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Information Regarding Coal Creek/Rock Creek Regional Trail:

Regional trail information
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July 2014                       

We are pleased to announce that all trails including Coal Creek and Rock Creek Trails are open as of April 30, 2014 with the exception of one portion of Coal Creek Trail near Empire Rd.  That specific area is still undergoing repair and is on schedule with the contractor performing the work.  The trails have been restored and/or slightly re-routed to accomodate all users after sustaining considerable damage by last September's flood.  There are two detours to take into account - these detours MUST be utilized to ensure the safety of trail users and allow contractors to perform their work without risk of injury to anyone. 

The detours include the following locations: Coal Creek underpass at S. Public Road and Coal Creek underpass at 120th St.  Both of these underpass locations are CLOSED until they are fully restored this summer.  However pedestrian crosswalks have been installed on street level to allow trail users to safely navigate the road crossings.  Please utilize the button-activated flashing crosswalk equipment before crossing these streets. 

On the Coal Creek Trail at S. Public Rd. there is a well marked detour re-route which will guide users onto Old Laramie Trail in order to get around the underpass at S. Public Road.  The underpass remains closed and not accessible until it is repaired this summer.  Cross over S. Public Road using the pedestrian crosswalk and flashing lights.

At 120th St. the Coal Creek Trail underpass remains closed and not accessible until it is repaired this summer.  Users will instead cross over 120th St. using the pedestrian crosswalk and flashing lights.  Please be aware of construction efforts in this area and stay alert when navigating the passageway at 120th St.

The trails are open and functional - please enjoy!

For your safety, the safety of others and to help speed the repair process, please obey the detours where indicated by signage until otherwise notified.
The contractor hired by the city has begun the process of trail and underpass re-construction on the Coal Creek Trail.  Specific areas include 2 sections of trail between Empire Rd. and Highway 287 as well as 120th St. and S. Public Rd. underpasses.  Their work is expected to last the duration of the summer months with a start date of Monday, July 7th.

To view open and closed sections including detours, please click on this map:
Lafayette Flood Damage Map - Updated May 2014
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