The Building Division is responsible for reviewing building permit applications, issuing building permits, performing building inspections, issuing contractor's licenses, enforcing building codes, and maintaining building records.

New filing requirements for commercial plan reviews: 1 set of plans and 2 jump drives will now be required for new commercial buildings and TI/Remodel permits. See the Commercial Checklist and TI/Remodel Checklist for all requirements.

Effective 5-6-19, a permit will no longer be required for replacing like for like windows. A permit will be required for window replacements that have a size change or a new opening. ATTENTION ROOFING CONTRACTORS: 

Roofing Code Information/Checklist

Reroof Inspection Requirements:

  • To schedule an inspection an inspection call: 303-604-3822
  • Reroof Inspections are done Monday thru Friday between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are not able to give you an ETA for reroof inspections.
  • Make sure roof is not covered with snow before you call for an inspection. A reinspection fee will be charged if inspector is called out for a reroof inspection on a snow covered roof.
  • No mid-roof inspections: one final roof inspection.
  • Ladder required (effective 10-14-19)
  • If roof pitch is over 5/12, please note that on the yellow inspection card and include the roof pitch when you schedule your inspection.
  • Yellow inspection record card needs to be posted at job site.
  • Results of inspection are written on the inspection record card which is left at job site after inspection.

Inspection Line Number: 303-604-3822

Mission Statement

To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Lafayette and the general public by ensuring that building structures in Lafayette are safe and conform to building codes. Assist citizens and contractors in understanding and complying with the building codes.