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Visual, performing, language arts & local history contribute to a strong community

What's Happening Now

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Responsibilities & Services

The Arts and Cultural Resources Department actively coordinates, promotes, and acts as a resource for the local arts scene. Our work is directed by the vision, mission, and strategies of the Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission, the Public Art Committee, the city’s Comprehensive Plan, the city's Downtown Vision Plan and collaborations with the city’s many arts and cultural organizations. 
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  1. Volunteer for Art Night Out

    100 volunteers are needed for each Art Night Out. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available at Art Night Out. Read on...
  2. New exhibit at The Collective

    The Collective is proud to announce its new exhibit, Identidad/Identity. This exhibit features Jerry Rael, Arturo Garcia and Joaquin Gonzales. Read on...
  3. Arts Outside offers interactive arts this summer

    Arts Outside offered by the Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission and the Lafayette Open Space and Parks Divisions. There will be three workshops offered summer 2019. Read on...
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