Sales Tax Information

Online Sales Tax System

The City of Lafayette has partnered with MUNIRevs to provide an online sales tax licensing and collection system.  This system allows businesses and independent vendors to submit and pay sales and use tax returns online.  This includes our Special Event License which is required for vendors that do no have a regular sales tax license and will be doing business in the City of Lafayette for a specific event or date.

To apply for a regular sales tax license please complete the Sales Tax Application.

For a Special Events license please go to the Special Event tab for specific instructions on how to apply and pay for this special license.

To directly access the City of Lafayette/Munirevs website please visit

MUNIRevs Support

MUNIRevs provides phone and web support Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.  Please contact support if you are having trouble accessing your account, applying for a license, filing tax forms, making payments, or if you want to close your account.  Support can be reached by phone at 1-888-751-1911 or by email at

City Collected Sales Tax

The City of Lafayette is a Home Rule City which means that the city portion of sales tax collected in Lafayette is remitted directly to the City of Lafayette, instead of being remitted to the State of Colorado for disbursement.  As a Home Rule City, the City of Lafayette charges sales tax on some items that the State of Colorado does not. For instance, the City taxes food for domestic consumption, the State does not. Each vendor should read the
Municipal Code, Section 110-121

Exemptions to City sales tax is listed in the Municipal Code, Section 110-122.  If it is not listed in the exemptions, it is taxable. Service type businesses are exempt from licensing if they do not sell any products. The business must have a sales tax license number from the State of Colorado before applying for a license with the City of Lafayette. There is no fee for the sales tax application/license.  Approximate processing time for application approval is 2 weeks.
  For questions regarding our city municipal code please contact the City of Lafayette at 303-665-5588 option 5.