Farmer's Moon by Reven Swanson

Farmer's Moon

Farmers Moon

Reven Swanson

Reven Swanson
Artist: Reven Swanson
Denver, CO
Location: NW Corner of S. Public and Emma St.
Materials: Kinetic Steel and Fused glass
Price: $9,000

 Artists Statement: 
Growing up in a rural Colorado setting, as a young girl, Reven built forts in ditches, chased and rode wild horses and hunted lizards with her sister, Channing. It was a childhood experience that ran closely with the rhythms of the natural world. A farmer's moon is term that is coined to describe the full-moon caught in a rainbow-colored halo. It means the thick atmosphere surely promises moisture. Some years the coming moisture is a blessing. Some years it's causes a dreadful loathing of the unpredictable and unwelcome forces of Mother Nature.

In this sculpture, the artist is exploring the shapes of the "Dancing Moon" series in a most whimsical fashion. It's one of the more intimate pieces that reflects the artist's personal childhood experiences.

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See & Respond

Area poets and visual artists will be invited to participate in a juried art show, "See and Respond!" where artists create a piece or art or poetry inspired by one of the sculptures. There will be cash prizes awarded in multiple categories. Visit the See & Respond page for more information.