High-efficiency Toilet Upgrade Program

Ultra High - Efficiency Toilets Save Water & Money

Did you know that more than 25% of your monthly water bill is likely flushed down your toilet?
Through a partnership between Lafayette and Resource Central, you can get a modern, sleek Niagara Stealth toilet that works even better than your old one and uses a fraction of the water for much less than the cost of buying it at a big box store.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be the property owner or have the property owner sign a waiver prior to the install
  • One toilet upgrade per property/per year
  • The property must receive water from the City of Lafayette
  • The rough-in of your current toilet must measure 12" or more
woman fixing toilet

Installation Options:

  • $175 for direct install of toilet, removal of old toilet, recycling of old toilet.
    • The full service option by technicians from Resource Central includes removal of your old toilet and installation of the new high-efficiency model for the total price of $175. Price also includes seat, wax ring and recycling of all porcelain.
  • $75 for self install of toilet, (new wax seal provided).
    • Remove your old toilet, discard all non-porcelain parts, and we’ll recycle the old one for you when you come to pick up your new toilet
Sign up today or call 303-999-3824 to schedule an installation.
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