Now It All Begins by Justin Deister

Now It All Begins by Justin Deister
justin deister

Justin Deister

Louisville, CO

Location: 600 S. Public Road; Lafayette Florist
Price: $ 8,000

Artist Statement:

Third in a creation series, "Now It All Begins" developed from my interest in origins and portrays our bright yellow sun warming new blue-green oceans, generating new life forms that will thrive and multiply and fill the seas. Color, shape, texture and configuration create a complex of opposing forces that energize dynamic birth and change.

First in this series is a piece suggesting that we and our earthly home are made of the stuff of stars. Secondly, is the image of that which was of the stars now decended to earth, as it was meant to do from the beginning. "Now It All Begins" completes the notion of beginnings. Next is the idea of

how these beginnings transform our earth and point to the future.

See & Respond

Following the installation of the sculptures, area poets and visual artists will be invited to participate in a juried art show, "See and Respond!" where artists create a piece inspired by one of the sculptures. There will be cash prizes awarded in multiple categories. Visit the See & Respond page for more information.

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