Utility Rates

01/24/2017 - Information updated 

View a video of the water rate increase information presented to City Council on February 2, 2016. 

Q: Why are my water rates increasing over the next six years?
There are three main reasons. 1) The need to cover costs to operate, maintain, repair and upgrade the water supply and treatment system. 2) To provide sufficient income to ensure debt coverage and adequate capital reserves. 3) To have sufficient funds to provide additional raw water storage and water transmission pipelines to ensure the City's water supply future. 

Q: How much will my utility bill increase?
Beginning April 1, 2016 the water portion of Lafayette utility bills will increase as follows:

Increases for fees on Water only through 2021

April 2016
Jan 2017
Jan 2018
Jan 2019
Jan 2020
Jan 2021

2017 Household water bill increase example

Household Water Usage/Month based on 5/8" water meter
2016 Water Fees
Water Fees beginning 01/01/17
2017 Water Fee Increase/Month
2,000 gallons
6,000 gallons
11,000 gallons

View chart, for sample bill increase based on different tier water usage charges. Water rates increase with every 5,000 gallons more used. Tier rate fees for both water and wastewater rates can be found on the utility billing page.

Q: How do Lafayette’s water rates compare to other Boulder County cities?
Lafayette’s rates are comparable or below other Boulder County cities. Here is a full comparison of these and other Front Range cities.

Q: How can I decrease my utility bill?
Here are a couple of ways to minimize the impact of the rate increases.