On Loan for 2016 - Boat of the Universe

Boat of the Universe by artists Kimmerjae Johnson, was part of the 2015 Art on the Street Program. As such a well loved piece sitting in Festival Plaza, it is generously on loan for a second year. This piece is not eligible for the 2016 People's Choice Award.

Johnson Boat.jpg
Kj face.JPG

Artist: Kimmerjae Johnson

Lafayette, CO
Location: Festival Plaza
Materials: Glacier Granite (Salida)
Price: $37,000

Artists Statement: Stone. When I carve, or even think of carving stone, I feel my brainwaves shift. The energy in my body slows down, grounds itself and opens to what I experience as the voice and motion of Universe.

I am leaving the marks of the different chisels, faces where different quarrying machines and processes have caused the marble to break in different ways, telling us more about the nature of the rock. How it takes a polish is just one of these

Kimmerjae has one work in the City of Lafayette's Permanent Collection.

She is also a past recipient of the Jean Mellblom People's Choice Award.