2016 Comcast Cable Franchise Renewal

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In 2001, the City of Lafayette entered into a Franchise Agreement with AT&T Broadband of Northern Colorado I, LLC. In 2002, the City approved the Transfer of Control of the City’s Cable Television System Franchisee to Comcast Corporation, wherein the franchisee remains obligated to comply with all terms and conditions of the existing franchise agreement as well as the Customer Service Standards adopted by the City in 2002.

The City of Lafayette is preparing to negotiate the renewal of the franchise agreement with Comcast. City officials can negotiate specific issues in the agreement, including programming categories; public access, education and government channels; customer service standards; and franchise fees among other issues. Please refer to the attached chart for a complete listing of negotiable issues. 
Lafayette’s ability to negotiate specific franchise terms is a result of Federal and State laws. Unfortunately, these limitations prevent the City from addressing some of the major concerns about Comcast’s service including rates, internet and phone service, channel placement, and à la carte options. 
If you wish to comment on any of the terms that the City regulates in the franchise agreement, you may do so through the following options;

1) Complete an Online Survey
2) Email or mail your comments to City Clerk Susan Koster
City of Lafayette
Attn: Susan Koster
1290 S. Public Rd
Lafayette, CO  80026

3) Share your input, in person, with a Comcast representative on
Thursday, July 28, 2016
5:30pm - 7:30pm

City Council Chambers / 1290 S. Public Rd