Recommendations for Commercial Development Sustainability

Recommendations on things you can do to improve our Residential and Commercial development sustainability for existing remodels or new projects.

Currently the City of Lafayette and the building department does not require sustainability items in order to obtain permits for projects within the city. It is our hope that architects and builders will review the list below in order to consider adding sustainability items into their plans, For the future, we are looking into adding a point system to the areas below and recognizing those projects that meet certain levels of "green" development.


  • provide bike parking on site
  • build development within ¼ mile of public transportation
  • provide or maintain a bus shelter at public transportation
  • provide preferred parking to serve car/van pools
  • install electric plug-in stations for hybrid or electric vehicles

Energy Efficiency:

  • increase energy efficiency of struction by 15% over current codes
  • offset traditional energy usage with renewable production
  • plant 20% additional trees
  • place 50% of parking under cover of a roof with minimum SRI of 29.
  • construct the building and/or roof to be elongated on an east-west axis.
  • provide separate meters for elec/gas to tenants of 10k sf or more.
  • perform an energy audit from a local organization and review the recommendations


  • preserve existing structures when increasing square footage.
  • add affordable housing units (defined by HUD) if residential
  • choose an infill site or brownfield site.
  • provide community garden plots
  • provide compost bin location on property

Stormwater and Water quality:

  • utilize porous surfaces on site
  • plant a vegetated roof for a portion of roof area.
  • exceed open space requirement by 25% or more
    LESAC is interested in your input on our "green" list feedback is always appreciated!