Text Messaging

In addition to managing your account online, you have the option to sign up to receive information and manage renewals and holds by text message (provided by the service ShoutBomb).

How to Sign up

There is no charge to use the text notification system, but your cell phone plan’s regular text messaging rates still apply.

  • Text SIGNUP to 720-893-9151 (or REGISTRESE to receive messages in Spanish)
    • When prompted, enter your Lafayette Library card number (no spaces).
    • You will receive three more messages with introductory information.
  • If you have already signed up to receive hold notifications by email, you will still receive them. Contact the Library if you wish to discontinue email notification.

What to Expect

  • You will be automatically activated for the following notices:
    • HOLDS: holds ready to be picked up
    • RENEW: items that will soon be due
    • OVERDUE: items that are already overdue
  • Email notifications for holds to pick up are generated throughout the day; text notifications go ahead once a day in the morning
  • Texts will be sent only when activity on your account triggers a message and will be sent between 8 am and 7 pm.

Using the System

Text any of the following codes to 720-893-9151. The system will also include prompts for common commands in the notification that are automatically sent.

Account Management

  • ADDCARD: Add additional cards
  • STOP: Discontinue service
  • DROPCARD: Remove a card from the text messaging service. (Note: if you only have one card linked, use STOP instead to discontinue the service)
  • SWITCHPHONE: Update your phone number
  • HELP: Add to any command to get help with that feature. (Example: HELP FEES)

Checked-out Items

  • MYBOOKS: Get status of all checked out items
  • RA: Ask to renew all items; reply will include list showing which renewals were successful and which did not renew.
  • RI: Get list of items due soon that are not eligible for renewal
  • RL: Get list of renewable items.
  • OA: Ask to renew all overdue items; reply will include list showing which renewals were successful and which did not renew.
  • OL: Get list of all overdue items eligible for renewal.


  • IOWEU: Get a list of all fines and fees owed.


  • HL: Get list of holds ready to pick up
    • Text hold notices are only sent out once a day in the morning. The HL code will force the system to send you an update without having to wait until the next morning.

Notices - Turn off or on

When you sign up, HOLDS, RENEW, OVERDUE are on by default. The code acts as a switch to turn notices on or off.

  • NOTICES: Get a list of which types of notices are currently activated.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS: Activate (or turn off) Library announcements.
  • CLOSURES: Activate (or turn off) messages about Library closures.
  • FEES: Activate (or turn off) automatic notification of fines and fees owed.
  • HOLDS: Turn off (or re-activate) automatic notification of holds ready to pick up.
  • RENEW: Turn off (or re-activate) automatic notification of items that will soon be due.
  • OVERDUE: Turn off or re-activate automatic notification of items that are overdue.
  • STOP: End all text messaging and remove your number from the text service.