Public Road Strategic Corridor Plan

Project Background

In February 2018, 17 Lafayette residents were chosen from a pool of 28 applicants to serve on the Friends of Public Road Working Group (FPRWG). This working group was assembled to provide input for the development of a Public Road strategic corridor plan.

The purpose of the Public Road Strategic Corridor Plan is to:

  • Address aging infrastructure/traffic signals in the Public Road corridor that need to be removed, replaced, or upgraded
  • Facilitate safe travel and access by people using all modes of transportation – walking, biking, accessing transit, and driving
  • Accommodate the existing land uses in the corridor while keeping in mind the future land use changes that are anticipated in the LURA Downtown Plan

The corridor plan will build on the goals outlined in the LURA Downtown Plan and will include opportunities to enhance the experience for people walking, biking, accessing transit, and parking in the corridors.

View the 1/16/18 presentation to City Council.

Role of the Friends of Public Road Citizen Working Group (FPRWG)

The FPRWG meets monthly and has begun providing input to the City’s project consultant, Fox Tuttle Hernandez Transportation Group. These members bring varied backgrounds and are providing diverse points of view on possible transportation improvements from a residential and local business owner perspective. The consultant will use this citizen feedback as guidance for final plans for City Council consideration later this summer.

Working Group Members

Andre DeBakker Gerry Morrell Richard Ross
Anji Redmond Jeremy Simon
Roger Wilcox
Brian Graham Kate Williams Ron Spalding
Cheri Spickard Linda Rook Vicki Trumbo
Debbie Cook Pete d'Oronzio Vicky Uhland
Gail Reeder Rich Deeming   

FPRWG Meeting Summaries

Vision statement:
Public Road is an inviting place that is safe and accessible to everyone.

Corridor plan goal #1:
Update the infrastructure to meet the changing needs in downtown.

Corridor plan goal #2:
Maintain a family-friendly and business supportive walking environment.

Why a Corridor Plan?

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Friend of Public Road Community Working Group

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Current Traffic Control

3 video screenshot

South Public Road Traffic Data

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Local vs Through Traffic Data

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February 3, 2018 - Outreach Walking Tour & Request for Working Group Members

On February 3, FTHTG will host a Walking Tour of Public Road to introduce residents to the project and provide information to citizens interested in participating on the citizen working group (Friends of Public Road Working Group). For those not interested or able to join the tour, FTHTG will provide a brief presentation prior to the walk, and paper applications will be available to apply to serve on the citizen working group. Applicants are not required to attend the Walking Tour.

Saturday, February 3, 2018
2:00 – 3:30pm
Start/finish at the Starkey Building/Festival Plaza
311 S. Public Rd

The group will be walking from Festival Plaza north to Simpson St., then south to Emma St., then returning to Festival Plaza. The length of the walk is less than a mile and will be held at a casual pace with various discussion stopping points along the route.

public road working group flyer

Role of the Friends of Public Road (FPR-WG) Working Group

APPLY FPR-WG button1The FPR-WG will provide input and feedback to Fox Tuttle Hernandez Transportation Group (FTHTG) during the corridor design process from diverse points of view, as well as offer advisory input on possible transportation improvements. FTHTG will use this citizen feedback to prepare final plans for City Council consideration.  

The city manager will approve a group of 13 individuals with varying backgrounds and interests. Participants will include people who live, work, own property, own businesses, or frequently travel along Public Road. 

Working group members will be expected to:

  • Attend all monthly meetings (one meeting/month March-June) that will be two hours in length starting at 6:00pm. (Final dates to be determined.)
  • Review materials prior to working group meetings.
  • Engage in a constructive dialogue with other members of the group, the consultants, city staff, and other constituents in the Lafayette community about changes in the Public Road corridor.

How to apply:
Access the online form at and submit your application by February 11, 2018