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Working with Lafayette Recreation is fun, rewarding and offers competitive pay and benefits. Weather you are looking for your first job or need something to do with your time after retirement, we have a place for you! Click the Now Hiring link to see our open positions.

 We are always hiring lifeguards and hold many lifeguard training's and academies to prepare you for this fast-paced, exciting and work. Click here to learn more and find upcoming trainings.  

Lafayette Recreation Full Time Staff

Featured Jobs

  1. Now hiring concessions employees

    Concessions ($10.20/hr, 15yo+)

  2. Now hiring lifeguards!

    Lifeguard ($10.65/hr, 15yo+)

  1. Now hiring lifeguards!

    Head Lifeguard ($12.25/hr, 18yo+)

  2. Cashiers at Waneka

    Cashier ($10.20/hr, 15yo+)

  1. Pool Manager ($13.25/hr, 18yo+):

    Pool Manager ($13.25/hr, 18yo+)

  1. Day Camp Leader with Kids

    Day Camp Leader