1. Raquetball Tourney (2)

    Youth Racquetball Tourney

    Fun Youth Summer Racquetball League! Ages 9-17 Read on...
  2. Image of a group of diverse youth
  3. Chest Press, strength machine

    Out With the Old, In With the New!

    Cybex, State of the Art Equipment Coming Soon. Nothing but the best for you at the BBRC! Read on...
  4. Movie Nights at Waneka Park image of Wreck it ralph 2 movie poster

    Movie Nights at Waneka Park! Ralph Breaks the Internet

    Summer is for playing outside, even at night. Pack a picnic and bring the family to a fun night out under the stars! Read on...
  5. Image of children running towards a finish line

    The Sizzler Fun Run! (ages 3-14)

    Come run the race of your life and have fun doing it with friends and family. Read on...
  1. half & full day summer camps, image of chess, legos, youth yoga, and skate board

    Try these fun themed Mini Summer Camps!

    From Legos to yoga, we've got a camp that will spark your children's interest! Read on...
  2. Image of girl on stand up paddleboard in a yoga pose

    SUP Yoga at Waneka Lake

    Don't let the paddleboard scare you, SUP Yoga is for all levels beginner to advance! Read on...
  3. image of woman on water platform doing yoga

    Take care of you, with gentle exercises, breathing & meditation!

    With Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) you will be able to release stress, reduce pain and improve your self-awareness. Read on...
  4. Music in the Park

    Shake It Up with 5th Gear Funk at the FREE Waneka Lake Summer Concert!

    Join us at Waneka Lake on July 17th for this FREE community concert! Read on...
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    Level 4

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    Dolphin 2

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    Dolphin 1

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    Aqua Babies

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    Level 3 Beg.

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    Dolphin 1

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    Level 1

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    Level 5

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