Risk Takers

The Big Slides

Take the plunge down the 21-foot high double flume slides with twists and turn’s a plenty. The green and blue tubes transport travelers from the top of the tower (check out that view!) to our splashy open run outs. You must be 48” tall to ride and very brave!

Aqua Arch

The AquaArch is the first of its kind; are you up to the challenge? Part cargo net and part monkey bars, you must swing your way from one side to the other as you the arch takes you further out of the water. Make it all the way or do your best and drop down to the catch pool below when your arms can’t swing anymore!

Diving Board

Diving Board – There are two types of people in this world; ones that use the diving board to perfect their swan dive, and ones that use it to perfect their cannonball – which are you?  Try both at our regulation diving board located at the lap pool.