Programs and Fitness

Water Fitness courses at the waterpark are seasonal, 
and run during the time the park is open, 
May 25th through August 11th, 2019.


Join us for lap swimming every day from 10 am to 11 am & 5 pm to 6 pm when all six lanes are open for lap swimming only. Two lap lanes are available at all the time for lap swimming.


Jump right into our water fitness class and build up your cardiovascular fitness and strength. Just like swimming, our water fitness class are easy on your joints, yet challenging enough to help you reach new levels of fitness. Because of the low-impact format, water fitness are suitable for every age and fitness level, from beginning exercisers through elite athletes. Water fitness is a swimming blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as buoyant water weights and noodles.

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A high intensity, low impact water class that is fun, fast and effective. Using a variety of buoyancy and resistance equipment, you will get a workout like no other. Set to motivating music, you will work harder than you ever imagined in water, yet we cater to individuals with different fitness levels, ages and abilities. This class is designed to get you fit fast, tone muscles and burn fat. It's great for cardio, muscle strengthening, core stability and improving posture.

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This class introduces new exercise variables such as buoyancy, water resistance, and heat exchange between your body and water that may add to the benefits you get out of exercising in water. Buoyancy in water - this is the floating part about being in water, this is helpful in building better balance. Water pressure and resistance - just by being in water can improve circulation and even burn off fat. Temperature of water - due to difference in your temperature and that of water you burn more calories. Walking in water makes a great aerobic workout that helps put your body in the fat burning zone. Water buoyancy reduces the burden that the exercises have on your body making it more enjoyable while you burn more calories and fat.

Water Walking can be registered as a stand alone class, or added on to either Water Aerobics or Boot Camp H20 for a discounted rate. The discount is automatically applied once you enroll either of the other courses and then go to enroll in water walking.

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Enjoy integrating the practice of yoga with water on an inflatable, floating yoga mat called a FitMat! These all level classes will start off slowly using alignment techniques to set us up for success. We’ll gradually flow into more challenging postures, with options to modify. Just like the ebb and flow of water, the practice will invite stability, strength, and calm. All equipment provided. Swimsuit or tightly fitted yoga clothes recommended. Bring dry clothes and a towel.

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