Waterpark FAQs

Can I reserve a canopy or other space at the Waterpark?

How tall do I need to be to ride the waterslides?

  • 48" or taller is the required height for the waterslides.

My child can’t swim, will they still have fun?

Can I bring food into the Waterpark?

  • Yes! But please, no glass. We also have a great concessions stand for your convenience serving full meals, snacks and beverages.

I have a dietary restriction, what can I eat at the park?

  • We offer a variety of food items, hot and cold, sweets and snacks at out snack bar, but you are welcome to bring your own food.

I am planning to visit the Waterpark with someone who has special needs. What accommodations can be provided?

Can my child go to the Waterpark with their friends/older child or sibling/babysitter?

  • Children must be 12 or older to be in the park unsupervised. Children 5 and over may be at the park with a guardian aged 16 or older. All children 5 or under must be in arms reach of their guardian (16+) at all times.

Can I lap swim at the Great Outdoors Waterpark?

  • Yes! We will have lap swim only (6 lanes) from 10 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 6 pm every day. We will also have two lanes available all day.

Can I purchase items like goggles and swim diapers at the Waterpark?

  • Yes! Swim diapers are required while in any body of water at the Waterpark and can be purchased at admissions

Where is parking at the Waterpark?

  • There are parking spaces in the lot off of Saratoga and in the lot in front of LaMont Does Park.

Do I have to wear a bathing suit at the Waterpark?

How do I get to the Great Outdoors Waterpark?

  • We are located at 500 E. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, CO 80026, on the south, east corner of South Boulder Road and Saratoga Dr. Click here for directions

Can I re-enter the park after leaving?

  • Yes, admission is good for the entire day. Should you want to, you may leave the park and come back later.

What happens if it rains or there is lightening while I am at the park?

Can I bring a floatie, pool noodle, or other pool toys?

  • Please leave your floats and toys at home! For the safety of all patrons we do not allow personal flotation devices, pool noodles, or water toys.

Do you have a capacity?

  • We have a capacity that is based on the safety conditions established by our aquatic professionals. In the event that capacity is reached, patrons will need to wait to be admitted until other patrons exit the park.

My child is swimming but I don’t plan on getting in the water - do I have to pay?

  • You are free to enjoy the facility in any way you like, but if you are entering the facility, we require that you pay an admissions fee.