POD (Dumpster Roll Off)

Permit Information 

Place roll offs or storage containers in your driveway. If this is not possible, city code requires you to obtain a right-of-way permit from the Public Works Department. The right of way permit is valid for 5 days. No storage bins or dumpsters will be allowed in the right of way if they hinder the passage of emergency vehicles or the safe flow of traffic.


Since these containers can damage the roadway, the applicant must provide a $500 deposit to cover possible damage. The city will return the check after removal of the container as long as no damage is evident. If there is damage, the city will either hold the check until the applicant fixes the damage or may cash the check and use the money to repair the pavement.

Submit payment and completed permit in person or by mail to:  

Public Works Department
1290 S.Public Rd.
Lafayette, CO 80026

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 303-661-1277.