Right-Of-Way Permit

An approved Right-Of-Way Permit is required for anyone looking to do work in or occupy the city’s rights-of-way.

Items requiring a permit include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Storage containers (PODS)
  • Roll-offs
  • Dumpsters
  • Repair to or installation of new water lines, sanitary lines, fiber optic, storm sewer pipe, etc.
  • New work on or repairs done to existing concrete sidewalk, curb, gutter or other concrete items within the City right-of-way

Roll offs/Dumpsters or Storage Containers

  • Complete all sections of Right-Of-Way Permit
  • Include accurate drawing of proposed placement of item

Contractor Requirements

  • Provide proof of a valid Contractor License from the Planning & Building Department
  • Complete all sections of Right-Of-Way Permit
  • Provide proof of a $5,000 Street-Cut Bond (Original to be submitted to Finance Department)
  • Include a Traffic Control Plan signed by a Certified Traffic Control Supervisor