Right-of-Way Information

Contractors and others planning to work in the city right-of-way must:

  • Apply for a right-of-way encroachment permit
  • Be licensed to work in the City of Lafayette. Contact the Building Department to verify
  • Post a $5,000 street cut bond before the permit can be approved, submitted to the Finance Department
  • Right-of-way encroachment permits must be approved by the Public Works Department before work can begin.

Construction Permits

All construction projects which disturb an acre or more of soil or less than an acre, but are part of a larger common plan of development require:

Building permit

To complete the application for a permit, the applicant must provide:

  • A copy of the construction certification to discharge issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • A grading and erosion control plan
  • A narrative description of the Storm Water Management Plan for the project;
  • Cash escrow or an LOC for 125% of the cost to comply with this plan.
  • Grading and erosion control permit from the City of Lafayette

A signed permit will be issued upon the City's approval of your application.

Additional Information

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