Full Details & Beanstack Help


3 ways to register, 3 ways to track progress 

  • Stop by the Summer Reading table between June 1 - July 24 to register, and through July 31 to log your progress and pick up prizes (while supplies last). Paper logs are available, but all progress must be recorded online or in the app by July 31. 
  • Use Beanstack website or download Beanstack Tracker mobile app (Google Play and iTunes - no Kindle app)
  • Returning users: when prompted, update info, then select the Register for this program button. The app can be used by new or returning users (even if you logged using the website last year).


  • Prizes are claimed throughout the program; posted prizes are only available as supplies last. No prizes are distributed after the end of open hours on July 31.

Important Dates

  • First Day to Sign Up - June 1
  • First Day to Pick Up Prizes – June 8
  • Last Day to Sign Up – July 24
  • Last Day to Pick Up Prizes (while supplies last) – July 31
  • Weekly – Adult Prize Drawings
  • Events all Summer for every age! Visit https://cityoflafayette.com/librarycalendar

Printable Logs (optional)

How it Works

Ages/Details Prizes (supplies limited; substitutions possible)
Babies - Preschoolers
Log number of times spent doing literacy activities together
(read, sing, play, talk, write)

Registration - Menchies coupon OR Lakeside discount
10 activities - Rubber Ducky
20 activities - Book
30 activities - WOW Museum or Subway coupon
40 activities - Book

Kids & Teens
(grades K-12)
Log reading minutes

Registration - Menchies Coupon OR Lakeside discount
300 minutes - Rapids voucher OR Sunglasses
600 minutes - Book OR Ninja Nation
900 minutes - Lakeside OR Elitch Gardens Ticket
1200 minutes - Book

Adults (18+)
Log reading minutes or activities or both
Registration - Menchies Coupon (while supplies last)
Each activity - 1 point
30 minutes of reading - 1 point
1 point = 1 entry in weekly prize drawings (up to 40 entries total)

  1. Returning Users
  2. New Users

Using Website

  • Select SIGN IN button. Enter email or username used to create individual or family account.
  • If necessary, use link "forgot your password?"and follow prompts to reset.
  • Follow prompts to update info, like current grade.
  • Select Register for This Program button. Only logging added between June 1-July 31 counts towards this year's challenge.

Track progress (Minutes - Kids/Teens/Adults)

  • Select Log Reading and Activities.
  • Select a reader (or apply this time to multiple readers at once).
  • Select Minutes.
  • Select today's date (day you are recording progress, not day you actually did the reading).
  • All other log info is OPTIONAL (titles, authors, etc)
  • Click on LOG.

Track progress - (Activities - Adults, Babies-Preschoolers)

  • Select Log Reading and Activities.
  • Select a reader.
  • Select an Activity Track. (in Babies program, complete tracks in order)
  • If activity is repeatable, click on PLUS icon to log it. If activity is a one-time action, click on the box next to activity to add a check mark.

Using App

  • Download and launch Beanstack tracker app
  • Enter Lafayette - Select Lafayette Colorado Public Library.
  • Enter email or username - if needed, swipe up to access "forgot your password" link .
  • When prompted (may need to scroll down), select this year's program.
  • Only logging added between June 1 - July 31 counts towards this year's challenge

Note: unlike website, the app will not prompt you to update grade level. So, if your preschool child should now be in the Kids program, update the reader account in the app: Select wrench icon in upper left of app, select Readers, select the appropriate reader, then update the info. That should give you the correct program signup.

Track progress (Minutes - Kids/Teens/Adults)

  • Tap on blue + (PLUS) icon on bottom. 
  • Tap on each reader for whom you are logging time.
  • Tap NEXT.
  • Select a logging method. To just enter minutes, use last option. If you like tracking book titles, you can choose instead to scan the book's ISBN or enter title details manually for an ongoing log.
  • Enter info and tap FINISH.

Track progress - (Activities - Adults, Babies-Preschoolers)

  • Tap on Activities icon on bottom.
  • Tap on an Activity Track (in Babies program, complete tracks in order)
  • Tap in the box next to any activity completed.