1325 So Public Rd / Giovannitti Coffee

The applicant is submitting a Site Plan/Architectural Review for a single story, 1,500 square foot, coffee shop with outdoor covered seating area on the 0.69 acre site.  The site is Lafayette Tech Center Filing 3, Lot 2 located at 1325 Co Public Rd. There is no drive though component of the building and the site will will include in-store coffee roasting.  The maximum building height will be 15 feet in height.  In addition to the building, site improvements include landscape areas (11,872 sq. ft.) and 16 parking spaces.

The Site Plan will be presented to the Planning Commission at the July 25, 2018 public hearing.   Planning Commission recommended approval of the Site Plan and Architectural Review and Special Use Review with conditions at their July 25, 2018 meeting.  City Council was scheduled to review the plan at the September 17, 2018, meeting. This item has been tabled indefinitely.

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