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City of Lafayette Trash, Recycling & Composting Program

Republic Services is the trash hauler for Residential Waste Collection Services. The program is a three-cart system which consists of trash, recycling and composting services. Results from the Request for Proposals for this program were presented to City Council in a public hearing on July 15th 2014.

The city’s 3 cart residential waste collection services is a pay-as-you-throw program. The less you throw away (based on trash container size), the less you will pay.

If you have extra trash, stickers for additional 32-gallon bags are available for $4. Purchase stickers at the Finance Department at 1290 S. Public Rd.

Value Added Services

Included in the waste collection services prices Lafayette residents will also be offered the following:

Services include:
Please contact Republic Services for dates for these services at 303-286-2400.
  • A curbside bulk item pick-up once a year above the already-included free quarterly bulk pick-up currently offered.
  • EcoGro Class 1 quality compost will be offered every April at the City Service Center from A1 Organics.
  • Leaf and limb curbside pick-up every Spring and Fall
  • Newsletter mailed out with upcoming events, tips and news. 
HOA communities, please call your HOA manager for trash service information.

Need to change your trash or compost cart size?

Please contact Republic Services at 303-286-2400.
Online Service
Cart size change requests need to be made 3 business days prior to month end for next month's deployment.

Monthly Cost of Residential Waste, Recycling and Compost Collection Service Fees (effective February 1, 2019)

Trash Cart Size Trash Rate Recycling Rate Compost Cart Size Compost Rate Total Monthly Charge
32-gallon $9.13 $1 32-gallon $4.92 $15.55**
32-gallon $9.13 $1 64-gallon $8.62 $19.25**
32-gallon $9.13 $1 96-gallon $12.32 $22.95**

64-gallon $18.25 $1 32-gallon $4.92 $24.67**
64-gallon $18.25 $1 64-gallon $8.62 $28.37**
64-gallon $18.25 $1 96-gallon $12.32 $32.07**

96-gallon* $27.38 $1 32-gallon $4.92 $33.80**
96-gallon $27.38 $1 64-gallon $8.62 $37.50**
96-gallon $27.38 $1 96-gallon*** $12.32 $41.20**
*Up to two additional 96-gallon carts may be requested for an additional $7.74 each, per month.
**A $0.50 administration fee is added to monthly cost of trash service.
***Up to two additional 96-gallon compost carts may be requested for an additional $3.32 each, per month.