Comcast is launching the Advanced Fiber Network project in the City of Lafayette in late July 2018 and is scheduled to end in early November 2018. This multi-month engineering and construction project will bring fiber optic infrastructure deeper into Lafayette neighborhoods which will expand Comcast’s broadband capacity throughout the City, further increase its network reliability, and support next-generation speeds for Lafayette residents and businesses. City-wide in scope, the project involves a combination of construction in the public right-of-way and public utility easements, installation of new and upgraded equipment and changes to the network architecture.

Construction & Notifications

The majority of Comcast's construction work will occur in the public right-of-way and public utility door hanger comcast fiber constructioneasements. Public right-of-ways and public utility easements are put into place to ensure vital services (such as utilities and internet) can be maintained by their Companies.  As a resident you are legally required to allow 24-hour access to these if they are located on your property. Residents can expect construction crews in the neighborhoods working in both front, side and backyards.  Also, along roads through-out the City.  

There are two phases to the project:

Phase 1: Construction: Comcast will be doing as much preparation work as possible. The purpose of the construction phase is to minimize the customer down time once the final fiber switch over happens. Construction preparation work could occur any time from a month before the fiber switch over occurs to the minutes leading up to it.

  • Impact:
    • Comcast and contractor trucks and workers will be in the area. This includes locates, drilling for new fiber lines, and traffic control.
    • Water-soluble paint will be used to show the crews the location of underground utilities such as gas, electric, communication cables, sewer and water. Locate marks do not signify where excavation will be taking place and will fade over several months.
    • Service interruptions are not anticipated during this phase. However, as with all construction, unknown obstacles may present themselves.
  • Notifications:
    • Residents will only receive notification via door hanger if Comcast or its contractors need to enter an easement through private property. Not all properties with Comcast facilities will require access during this phase.
    • Notifications will include a door hanger with contact information for the contractor placed on front doors 1-3 days before the work and will include up to a 14 day window when property access will be required.  If access is required beyond the 14 day window, an additional door hanger will be placed.
  • NOTE:  Locate companies could start marking utilities a day after the door tag. 
  • The construction contractor will knock on the resident’s door before initiating any work. If contact is not made, Comcast will still enter the property

Phase 2: Fiber Cutover: Comcast will be activating the Advanced Fiber Network.

  • Impact:
    • Comcast customers will experience an outage from 30 minutes to 6 hours with the typical outage being 2 ½ hours. Any outages for this kind of scheduled work is typically done between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
    • Public Utility Easements on private property, whether or not they are a Comcast customer, will need to be accessed.24x42 Node pedestal NOT installed
  • Notifications:
    • Comcast customers will receive multiple notifications including:
      • A notification letter 7 – 10 days prior to work.
      • Door hangers 1 – 3 days prior to work
      • Phone call 1 day prior to work
      • Text messages 1 and 2 days prior to work, if there is an updated phone number that accepts text messaging. (see below for how to update)
      • For businesses, Comcast will reach out directly 7 – 10 days in advance of the work.
      • After work has completed, customers will receive a text alerting them.
    • Non-Comcast customers will receive a door hanger 1 – 3 days prior to the cutover.
    • If access to your property is needed (whether or not you are a Comcast customer), the construction contractor will knock on the resident’s door before initiating any work. If contact is not made, Comcast will still enter the property. 

As with all construction projects, unknowns can present themselves and cause a delay in the scheduled time of the work. These include events such as inclement weather, incorrectly identified buried cables/pipes, access issues, etc. We ask you to be patient as Comcast works through these unknowns. If schedules change, Comcast will do their best to notify you of the change and the new dates.

What Should You Do?

  1. Comcast Customers: make sure Comcast has your current phone number. Comcast has your address, but often, phone numbers have changed and/or the phone number on your account does not accept texts. Please take a minute to log into your Comcast account and update your phone number to one that can accept text messages. NOTE: in order to get phone/text notifications you must have updated your phone number 10 days prior to the cutover.
  2. Watch for the notifications. It is easy to dismiss a mailer, door hanger or phone call as spam.
  3. Keep your pets in your house. If access is needed to your backyard, please make sure your pets are safe and secure during the window provided by Comcast.
  4. Be patient. Comcast is improving the capacity, speed, and reliability of their network which in turns improves their services in our community. Comcast strives to complete this work as quickly as possible.
  5. Be aware of construction workers. All construction workers and people placing door hanger messages will be wearing a safety vest and a badge that will identify them as a Comcast employee or authorized Comcast contractor.


Comcast and its contractors will begin work in late July.  Below is the estimated timeline and general location of the work.  Dates will be updated as the project progresses.  

See the map for the specific node boundary servicing your neighborhood.

**NOTE:  Dates are estimated and subject to change.

NodeStart ConstructionEnd Construction

Additional Information

FAQ on Comcast's Advanced Fiber Network Project

Comcast Contact Information

If you have questions or need additional information, please leave a message with Comcast’s prime contractor Cablecom at 1-888-347-6302.