Baseline Old Town Village / 404 W Baseline Rd

Baseline Oldtown Village is a minor Subdivision, Special Use Review, Site Plan and Architectural Review, and Preliminary Planned Unit Development to develop a three building mixed use project at the property.  The subject property is zoned B1 (Community Service Business) located in LURA; mixed-use developments require special use review.  The proposal consists of 12 residential units and approximately 6,765 sq. ft. of commercial/retail/office use space. The two buildings adjacent to Baseline Road are two-story in height, the building adjacent to alley is three-story in height.  

The applicant is requesting the following code amendments;  

  • 25 feet building setback to Baseline Road request for 8 feet
  • 10 feet building setback to alley request for 8 feet
  • Minimum landscaped area from 15 % to 14.2%
  • Multiple building on a lot.  Request for three.
  • Dwelling units per acre allowed in B1 (10/acre) to 16/acre
  • Increase in small vehicle parking spaces to from 10 to 12 permitted

The project is scheduled for a Public Hearing at the March 26 Planning Commission meeting. 

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Baseline Oldtown Village site plan
Baseline Old Town color rendering