Turning Point II by Frank Morbillo


Artist Frank Morbillo

Tesuque, NM
600 S. Public Road
stainless, bronze, and steel

Artist Statement

The landscape of the American West has had a powerful influence on my art since my arrival in 1982. I've explored the land's peaks and valleys, mesas and canyons, fascinated by the textures, rhythms and flows that tie the landscape together and connect us to it.

The timeless power of natural forces, wind, sun, fire and water are the constant threads that shape this land. The influence of these forces can reshape the landscape over long periods of time while abrupt events can change it overnight. Our imprint on the land, while geologically short, has also been subject to these forces; left behind is a record of our tracks, tools and structures to be rediscovered and interpreted.

Understanding this or any environment requires patient observation, a process that takes time and should not be taken for granted. As an artist I try to interpret my experiences in a way that furthers our cultural awareness and understanding.

"Turning Point II" out of an architectural series of columns that exhibited varying effects of the natural forces of weight, wind and time. As the series of columns evolved I introduced contemporary narratives that included social and environmental concerns. With growing debates over the significance of climate change I worked on several studies and then produced three series of sculptures at human scale that focused on climate concerns. The sculpture titles-- "Tipping Point," "Turning Point," and "Breaking Point"--are intended to address possible progression of this debate. "Turning Point" is an optimist's view of this situation, presenting an awareness that fosters solutions and changes the course of events.