PAYT Program Expansion

The City is working to expand the pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) waste collection system to the entire community, and we need your input!

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three waste carts

What is the PAYT program?
PAYT is a three-cart volume-based system that encourages recycling and composting of waste. The recycling carts are billed at just $1, and compost carts cost approximately half that of a waste cart. While the recycling cart is 96 gallons, the waste cart can be as small as 32 gallons, with a corresponding lower fee. This rate structure incentivizes customers to recycle and compost as much as possible.

The City of Lafayette currently provides a pay-as-you-throw three cart waste program to approximately 55% of the city that helps residents divert waste away from landfills. This program has been successful in positively affecting our diversion goals and reflecting our community's sustainability values, but we can, and desire, to do even more!

City Council approved a waste diversion goal of 45% by 2021 and 85% by 2046. It's important for Lafayette residents to support these goals in order for us to meet them, and we're looking at ways to help make that happen. New landfills will require our waste to be transported further, take up precious front range land, and will result in higher costs.

What are the benefits of a PAYT program?

  • Help support our community's sustainability goals:
    • Council approved waste diversion goals of 45% by 2021 and 85% by 2046 as a reflection of our community sustainability values.
  • Be a good steward for the environment:
    • Less waste = fewer landfills, which protects the beautiful Front Range landscape that we all value.
    • Recycled or composted waste can be used to create new materials without using virgin resources.
    • Fewer trash trucks in neighborhoods lessens traffic, reduces road damage, and decreases noise and air pollution
  • Contribute to good community financial management: 
    • The more waste we divert, the longer it is before we need new landfills. Future landfills will be located farther away and result in higher hauling prices.
  • A City-wide program could reduce costs for homeowners
    • A larger customer base provides economies of scale which can result in lower prices
    • By choosing to recycle and compost more, individual households can reduce the cost of waste carts