Curbside Hold Pickup


About Curbside Hold Pickup 

When you are notified that you have items ready for pickup, you can make an appointment to pick up your items curbside.



Monday - Saturday by appointment (for patrons who received a confirmation that items are ready)

Library Curbside Hold Pickup



1. Place up to 25 items on hold online using your Library card or by calling 303-665-5200.

2. Once items are ready, you will be notified by email, phone call or text.

3. You may then sign up for a hold pickup time using the link in your notification or by calling 303-665-5200.

4. Any time within your 1-hour appointment: pull into a Curbside Hold Pickup parking spot in front of the Library.

5. Call 303-661-1160 during your appointment to let us know you’re here! 

6. A staff member will bring items to a table out front. Please stay in your car until step 7

7. Once a staff member has returned inside, you may pick up your items. Enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Library open?

The Lafayette Library facility remains closed to the public at this time. 

How do I return my items? 

  • All items must be returned in the outdoor book drops. Staff will not be accepting returns. 
  • All returned items will be quarantined for 7 days.

The item said "on the shelf" when I placed my hold. Does that mean I can pick it up?

Not yet! Online holds are a request for an item. When your items are ready, we notify by you by phone, text or email. At that point, make an appointment online using the link in the notification, or call us at 303-665-5200 for an appointment or to check on the status of your holds requests.

How long does it take for my items to be ready after I placed them on hold?

Staff runs holds reports and pulls requested items from the shelf twice per day M-F. Once your requested item has been pulled, you will receive notice that you may make an appointment for pickup.

How many items can I place on hold?

You may place up to 25 items on hold at a time per account. 

How many items can I have checked out at a time? 

You may still have up to 100 items checked out at any time. 

How will I be notified that my items are ready?

You will be notified based on your expressed preference, either by email or by phone message.

If I have multiple items on hold, must I make multiple appointments for pickup?

That’s up to you. You may wait until all of your requested items are ready for pickup or you may pick them up as they become available. 

How long do I have to pick up my items?

Your items will remain on the shelf for 10 days from the original email you received that your items were ready for pickup.

Can I send someone else to pick up my items?

Yes. Please call 303-665-5200 to set pickup permissions on your account. 

When are my items due back?

Your due date slip will be included in the package with your items. For the time being, all items are set to be due June 30.

Can I renew my items?

Items eligible for renewal will be automatically renewed.

Can we request items from other FLC libraries or from Prospector?

Lafayette cardholders may now place holds for items from Lafayette and other FLC libraries; Prospector and Mobius library service is not yet available.

What if I miss my scheduled appointment time?

Please call us at 303-665-5200 and let us know as soon as you are able if you will miss a scheduled appointment. We will do our best to accommodate you but you may be asked to schedule pickup on another day. If you miss more than 2 appointments without making other arrangements your holds privileges may be suspended.

Are librarians available to help me with questions or recommendations?

Yes.  Just call 303-665-5200, or email us.  We’ll return your message as soon as we are able.  

May I walk or bike to pick up my holds?

Curbside Hold Pickup is set up to best serve drive-up customers. Nevertheless, let us know if you’ll need to make other arrangements.