REQUEST:       Ryan Companies US, Inc., is requesting Sketch Plan approval for the Medtronic Office Campus.

LOCATION:      Northeast corner of US Hwy 287 and Dillon Rd.

Sketch information

DESCRIPTION: The 42-acre site is located at the southernmost edge of Lafayette, east of the approved, but yet to be constructed, Sundar Apartments and south of the Exempla Medical Campus. The proposal is for a two phase development. The first phase would include two, five-story buildings containing approximately 400,000 square feet. The second phase would include one or two additional five-story buildings and a parking garage.  The exterior building materials would include precast concrete, metal panels and glazed storefront and curtainwall systems. 

 A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is required for a code modification for height. The proposed zoning would be M1 or C1/M1 which both have a height limit of 35 feet. These buildings would be 77 feet in height at their parapet and the mechanical screen on the roof would bring the height to 92 feet.

PROCESS: The PUD process for this project will be a three-step process consisting of Sketch Plan, Preliminary Plan, and Final Plan.

Sketch Plan is the first step in the PUD process. A 10-day online comment period on the Illustrative Plan is the first step of the Sketch Plan, followed by a neighborhood meeting, which will be held virtually due to COVID-19 related state and local public health order. Planning Commission reviews the Sketch Plan at a public hearing and is the deciding body. 

If approved, the applicant would then submit for Preliminary Plan. A 10-day online comment period on the Illustrative Plan is the first step of the Preliminary Plan, followed by a neighborhood meeting, which may be held virtually. Preliminary Plan is also reviewed at a public hearing and decided by the Planning Commission. 

If the Preliminary Plan is approved, the last step in the PUD process would be Final Plan. City Council hears the Final Plan and is the deciding body. Final Plan does not require a public hearing.

Other applications related to the project will include Site Plan/Architectural Review, Subdivision Plat, and Rezoning. The site is currently zoned DR (Developing Resource) which is a holding zone district. The site will need to be rezoned to be in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, which presently shows this site as Commercial.

Questions on the application or process can be directed to:

Jana Easley
City of Lafayette
1290 S. Public Rd.
Lafayette, CO 80026
(303) 661-1271 

View the illustrative plan. 
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sketch plan set
View the neighborhood meeting video and presentation.