eBooks, Audiobooks, Video

Borrow ebooks, audio, and video using Overdrive or Libby!

Use the free Libby app (made by Overdrive) or the original Overdrive app, or read, watch or listen to content right on your desktop computer via the Front Range Downloadable Library (the items are also visible and able to be borrowed in the Library’s main catalog). Anything borrowed via the apps will also show up with your physical checkouts in your main online Library account.

Do I need a Lafayette Library card?

Yes! If your current card has expired, contact us first to renew it. If you don’t have one already, choose the Make a Card Instantly option on the Front Range Downloadable Library site.

Which app should I use?

Both apps offer the same content. If you have a newer smartphone, tablet, Kindle Fire, or newer computer, give Libby a try! If you have an ereader like a Nook or a Kindle Paperwhite, use an older computer, or want additional features like a wishlist or additional language support, try the original Overdrive.

LibbyLibby (by Overdrive)

  • Best option for newer devices. Use with devices running iOS 9+, Android 4.4+, Windows 10 (desktops/tablets/mobile)
  • Download free app on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or iTunes; follow the prompts to link it to your Lafayette Library Colorado library account!
  • Intro to Libby/Download Libby
  • Libby Help/FAQs

Get Started with Libby App

overdriveOverdrive (Original)

  • Can use with newer devices, but also supports older ereaders like Kindles and Nooks and old and new PCs
  • Smartphones, tablets, Kindle Fires: download the app from Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or iTunes; then follow prompts to access the Front Range Downloadable Library and link it to your Lafayette, Colorado Library card. Tip: Have it remember your card number.
  • Kindle Paperwhites or other ereaders: navigate on your device to Front Range Downloadable Library (https://frontrange.overdrive.com), select a book to borrow, then follow steps to log in using your Lafayette Library card. (Don’t choose option to make an Overdrive account; use Library card option, and click choice to have it remember your card number.
  • Alternate option for ereaders - do the borrowing step above on a PC, and select option to send the loan to your Kindle device.
  • Overdrive Device Help
  • Overdrive Help

Use Overdrive from a Web Browser