Map Use

The City of Lafayette Zoning Map. This map is not intended to be used as a basis for making decisions regarding the purchase of property. This is not the official zoning map of the City of Lafayette. This map represents the zoning of property within the City of Lafayette as of January 2018 through Ordinance No. 58, Series 2017. The official zoning map is maintained by the Community Development Department of the City of Lafayette. Please consult the Community Development Department concerning zoning amendments that may have occurred to the zoning map since January 2018.

Confirming Zones

See Table 26A - Zoning Use Chart to determine if a use is allowed in a particular zone. To confirm zoning for a particular address, please call the City of Lafayette Zoning Request Line at 303-604-3821 or email the Community Development Department at Zoning Request. Staff will return the call or email and confirm the zoning within one business day.

Floodplain Maps

Interested in floodplain information, visit FEMA's Map Service Center!

Street Map

The City of Lafayette Street Map