Urban Renewal

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On April 20, 1999, the City Council established the Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority (LURA). LURA's purpose is to serve as the public entity to effect revitalization and redevelopment in the Old Town and South Boulder Road areas.


The mission of LURA is to encourage revitalization and redevelopment in the Old Town Urban Renewal Area and the South Boulder Road Urban Renewal Area by working in partnership with property owners to improve existing structures, fostering new development, and preventing deterioration of properties within the urban renewal districts.

In 2011, LURA adopted a Downtown Vision Plan to set forth policies for the future of downtown and to outline a strategy to continue the area's revitalization. Since that time, LURA has accomplished a number of recommendations in the Vision. See LURA's Progress on the Downtown Vision.

2018 LURA Streetscape Project Update

In 2015, the Urban Renewal Authority conducted public workshops for ideas to move the 2011 Vision Plan forward. The feedback received guided the Authority to undertake a streetscape improvement project on the east side of Public Road from Geneseo Street to Cleveland Street. Initially, the idea was to use the Chase Bank parking lot as a food truck staging area, and to improve this section of Public Road with new sidewalks, lighting, fencing, and furniture. Although LURA was able to secure a public parking lease for use of the Chase parking lot, Chase did not grant approval to use the parking lot for public events or staging. However, streetscape improvement desires were valid, and as such, LURA approved a contract to design this important two block section.

LURA will be selecting a contractor in Spring or early Summer 2018. It is anticipated work will occur between September 1 and October 31, 2018. VIEW THE SKETCH PLAN (15mb download size).