2018 Spring Clean-Up Schedule & Map

Residents on the City’s 3-cart Pay-As-You-Throw program will receive Spring Clean-Up services from Republic Services.  You will  receive a newsletter and postcard in the mail from Republic outlining the dates items will be picked up in your specific neighborhood. (We will link a copy of the postcard here as soon as it is available.)
The City of Lafayette Public Works Department will provide Spring Clean-Up services for private trash customers NOT on the City’s 3-cart Pay-As-You-Throw program

Please refer to the 2018 MAP to determine the pick up date for your area.

Review the new PROGRAM GUIDELINES residents are required to following when setting items out for pick up.tree limbs cut 4' in length, tied together with twine


Pick Up Schedule for REPUBLIC CUSTOMERS (Tan areas on the Map)

Saturday, April 28, 2018: Residents located south of Baseline Road and east of Hwy 287
Saturday, May 5, 2018: Remainder of residents in the Republic program
*Republic customers will receive a postcard and newsletter outlining the pick up date(s) for your area.  For questions about the Republic pick-up schedule; contact Republic Services at 303-286-2400

Pick Up Schedule for PRIVATE TRASH CUSTOMERS not on the City's 3-cart program (Purple areas on the Map)

April 24, 2018:  North of Baseline Road
May 1, 2018:  South of Baseline Road
For questions about the pick-up schedule for customers NOT on the City's 3-cart program; call Public Works at 303-661-1277

The following criteria must be followed in order for items to be picked up:

  • All items must be out by 7AM on the first day of your pick-up week
  • All items must be placed in the gutter
  • Leave items out regardless of weather conditions
  • Leaves must be in kraft or compostable bags (plastic bags will not be picked up
  • Tree limbs must be 4' in length and no more than 18" in diameter
  • Tree limbs and brush must be bundled with twine or rope
  • View all GUIDELINES and photos
Spring Clean-Up Map