How do we choose?

One of the best things about Public Art is that there is something for everyone! The committee selects work from a great number of sculpture submissions each year from around the country.

Artists submit a variety of styles and media and the Public Art Committee strives to put together an interesting and diverse collection for the community to enjoy. We know you can’t please all the people all the time. In selecting sculpture for the Art on the Street, the Public Art Committee looks at a number of factors in making their decisions. One of their most important criteria is whether the art selected represents a variety of media and styles. Another is the experience and reputation of the artists who have submitted work. The committee also takes into account the goal of creating a diverse and eclectic collection for all to enjoy.

When looking at the submitted works, the committee takes into account:
  • Style (representational or abstract; serious or whimsical)
  • Material (bronze, stone, aluminum, concrete)
  • Durability (will it last outdoors for 1 year?)
  • Subject (animal, human or other)
  • Use of recycled or new materials
  • Kinetic or interactive
  • Quality artistry
If there’s a sculpture you aren’t crazy about we encourage you to have a conversation with someone who loves it. You might even change your mind about how you see it. But it’s OK if you don’t. If you are talking about the art, it's doing one of its jobs: building community through dialogue. The committee hopes they have managed to select at least one piece that you like, if not more!

Enjoy this year's Art on the Street collection!

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