2013 Art on the Street

Art on the Street

Welcome to the
2013 Art On the Street Collection

With a generous grant from Colorado Creative Industries, the Lafayette Cultural Resources Division has been able to expand this year's collection to include artists interviews and a multi-media responsive art show. Find out more about the 2013 See & Respond! Show.
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Colorado Creative Industries

Name of Sculpture

Artists Name

88 88 Art Look Number

No Room for Doubt Robert Brubaker 1
Dancing Moon VIII Reven Swanson 2
Ham 'n Eggs Diane Mason 3
Suzanne James Vilona 4
Long Necks #4 Gene Michelli 5
Waiting for the Bus J. Lucas Loeffler 6
Inside-Out Anne Shutan 7
Soaring Bird II John King 8
Tree Wrap V Gerry Stecca 9
Remembrance Zachery Harris 10
Three Rings Tom Newport 11
Wired (Mobile Upload Station) Anthony Guntren 12
Searching For Greg Wasil 13
Here and Now Charlotte and Ben Zink 14
Frontier: Cowboy Kimmerjae Johnson 15
Bracelet for Her Ivan Kosta 16
Effloresce Charlotte and Ben Zink 17
8888ArtLookIconPhone.jpgTo hear artists’ interviews, call 888.827.8566 and enter ArtNumber 2687.
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