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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

Hello! My name is Consuelo Johnson, but everyone calls me Ms. Connie. I am entering my thirteenth year here at Lafayette Explorers Preschool. During those thirteen years I have also worked as an Art instructor, working with students from ages nine to adults. I currently hold a State of Colorado Early Childhood Teacher Certificate and a Colorado Shines Early Childhood Credential 2.0 Professional Level III.
As a teacher I believe in cultivating a mutual respect between each student, along with creating a healthy and safe environment that nurtures growth and improvement. I implement this philosophy in my daily activities with students while we engage in what I refer to as "adventures". I emphasize "adventures" as the term itself is used to describe something exciting and new. This is my ultimate goal: to expose young children to something different, where they can learn and grow 

In addition one of my goals this year is to introduce art projects that focus on the masters such as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe and Vincent Van Gogh (to name a few!). It has been past experience that students of all ages have thoroughly enjoyed these projects and have found inspiration that they can translate into their own work. Art is not only a passion but is also my educational background as I have a bachelor's degree in Commercial Art and Design.
On top of art and teaching, I am passionate about my two adult children, Victoria and Ben. It has been my greatest joy to raise the two of them. Victoria is a skilled technical writer and developer and my son Ben is a phenomenal Elementary school teacher up in Greeley, CO.

Copy of Miss Jenna

My name is Jamie Hanes. I have been working in the Early Childhood Education field since 2008 and this fall will be my 5th year at Lafayette Explorers Preschool.  
I am originally from Nebraska. After college, my husband and I moved here and have been enjoying Colorado for the last 17 years.  I received my B.A. at LIFE Pacific University in Southern California, where I studied Early Childhood Education.  I have a State of Colorado Early Childhood Teaching Certificate and Colorado Shines Early Childhood Credential 2.0 Professional Level II.
I feel passionate about making every child feel special and encouraged in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our year will be full of learning social skills, practicing physical abilities, exploring through senses and experiencing new adventures through books and exposure to new ideas and concepts.
I enjoy spending time with my husband, our two sons and our puppy, Otis.  I like to fish, camp, hike, snowshoe, cook and relax with a good book.
I’m looking forward to a new year with my amazing partner, Ms. Connie, in the Creative Discovery Class.

Miss Jenna

My name is Jenna Xie. I was born and grew up in a city nicknamed “Garden of the Sea” in China, where I taught junior high school for ten years. After I moved to the United States, some volunteer work in my son’s preschool class led to my passion of working with 3 - 5 year-old children.  
I acquired my B.A. in Child Development from Boise State University in 1999. I also have a State of Colorado Early Childhood Teacher Certificate and a Colorado Shines Early Childhood Credential 2.0 Professional Level III. I have been working with preschoolers for 17 years, teaching several types of curriculum. This is my 9th year working for the Lafayette Explorers Preschool. I love children and enjoy working with them.
I am married and have a wonderful husband. Our son recently got married in May of this year. He is an engineer and our daughter-in-law is a dental hygienist. We are very proud of them.

Copy of Copy of Miss Jenna

Hello and welcome to Lafayette Explorers Preschool. My name is Sue Terwilliger, and this is my 12th year teaching.  I am currently the Assistant Preschool Director and Preschool Teacher in the Kinder Adventures Class. I have a Director’s Certificate in Early Childhood Education, an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, a State of Colorado Level III Early Childhood Education Credential and Colorado Shines Early Childhood Credential 2.0~Professional Level III.
I love the magic of children, their unending curiosity, their spontaneity, their smiles, their tears, their imagination, their reasoning, and their simple view of the world. As a preschool teacher, I am learning and growing each day just by watching and discovering each and every child in my class. They are teaching me to be a positive teacher just as I am teaching them to be positive students. My teaching philosophy is simple: I want each child in my class to leave with a smile in their heart and a smile on their face. If I can accomplish just this one feat, than I have accomplished a major feat!
My husband and I have been blessed with three wonderful children, AND 4 splendid grandchildren! We also have a new furry puppy named RIO…xoxo  
I am eager to begin the school year and become part of your child’s early learning adventure.