No Room for Doubt: See & Respond entries

No Room for Doubt

No Room for Doubt

by Robert Brubaker

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Art on the Street: See & Respond!

A moose in a storm

Abigail Sprod, winner child poetry

A moose is travelling
in Russia.
He’s really cold
and he’s hungry.
Then he sees a light-
he goes towards it.
It’s a cabin.
He goes into the cabin
and discovers
it’s actually a restaurant.
He gets some soup.
It’s really, really good soup.
He eats all of it.

He wants to thank the chef
for the great soup.
The chef comes out.
The moose discovers
that the chef
is actually the moose’s brother.

The moose decides to work
with his brother
in the restaurant.
He helps lead travelers
to the restaurant.
Because some travelers
might not be
as lucky as the moose.

Charlie the Moose with a Red Coat

Jackie Bioan

It’s summer!
You’re going to go on vacation to the lake.
I’ll miss you, but I want you to have fun.
Do not worry about me, boy.
I’ll wait here, very patiently, until you return to me.
I’ve got my cozy red coat to keep me warm
and my shadow to keep me company.
I can sing with the birds and dance with the trees
Until you come home.
Do not cry, boy. I’ll wait here, very patiently, until you return to me.
I’ll be here and you will be there,
Running through golden fields as tall as your waist,
Watching the light jump on the surface of the crystal clear lake.
Have fun. The days will fly by.
In time, you’ll be back here with me.
I’ll be waiting for you. Always.
You see!
I’m still here, Just as I said I would be.
And you’re back home.
Sometimes friends are not always in the same place,
But good friends are never really apart.

No Room For Doubt

by Marian Smith

Beast of a man to
Stand up straight in bronze stature,
Without doubt he waits