Dancing Moon VIII: See & Respond entries

Dancing Moon VIII

by Reven Swanson

Responses submitted to

Art on the Street : See & Respond 2013
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by Barbara RudlaffRudlaff_B_Found.jpg

Flying Home from Home

Marj Hahne

after Reven Swanson’s sculpture “Dancing Moon VIII”

If the Pachelbel Canon climaxing in my head-
set while this plane makes its final descent
into Denver is a cliché, I’ll take the trite
life, timeworn, twice-told, tame
as the wingtip light mooning over a prairie
of clouds, an orange wash the only drama
of sun just like dusk over the Rockies.
If painted steel and enamel turned by hand or
wind can turn a city sidewalk into a kinetic sky,
then give me a plain geometry: a ray, a halo, a straight-
line horizon, a perfect circle between waxing and
waning, like a story remembered and
forgotten between sisters. Once,
in every rural town from Groton to
Golden, the only way a girl could get rich
quick—in the knick of time—for the annual
summer carnival was to chase down
lizards and snakes and pitch ’em cheap
to the neighborhood boys, or paint infinity
fish and stars and spirals on totem stones and
sell the whole lot to the widower down the road.
If time’s been doing the chasing. If an old
promise to care for another in the sunset
of her life is natural. If one sister marries and
the other never does. If every rhythm—classical,
ambient, rock, techno, new age, jazz, pop—of Johann
Pachelbel’s Canon in D major moves me to swap this
mile-high mountain for my mother’s cloudy
mind, then sign me up. Going home
is an arc of the heart and home
is where the heart is.