Girly Curl by Harold Linke

Girly Curl

Girly Curl

Harold Linke

Artist: Harold Linke
Evergreen, Colorado
Location: 210 S. Public Road, Cannon Mine
Materials: Bronze
Price: $6,200

Artists Statement
He calls it Essentialism, but I don't know. Harold takes the perfectly good bronze figurative dance sculptures he's carved for 25 years and subtracts everything that makes them--uh, fussy. Gone are the eyelashes and fingernails and heck, all of the details. The texture is gone and even the color (his new pieces are all-white bronze). He even subtracted the volume. Yep. They are like, say potato chips, but really curvy and long. You gotta see 'em. No really. You've never seen anything like it.
He lived all his life in the West. A grey-beard, Stanford boy--engineering. Uses computers to design his prototypes and then makes them out of resins and such then casts them in bronze. Says people like bronze and that he's seen bronze four-thousand years old. I think he likes that it's permanent--and beautiful.

View the video interview

2014 video interview with Harold Linke

See & Respond

Following the installation of the sculptures, area poets and visual artists will be invited to participate in a juried art show, "See and Respond!" where artists create a piece inspired by one of the sculptures. There will be cash prizes awarded in multiple categories. Visit the See & Respond page for more information.