Flower of Life by Kimmerjae Johnson

Kimmerjae Johnson

Kimmerjae JohnsonArtist: Kimmerjae Johnson
Lafayette, CO
Location: SW Emma and S. Public Road - by El Mercado
Materials: Colorado Marble
Price: $28,800

Artists Statement:
Stone. When I carve, or even think of carving stone, I feel my brainwaves shift. The energy in my body slows down, grounds itself and opens to what I experience as the voice and motion of Universe.
I am leaving the marks of the different chisels, faces where different quarrying machines and processes have caused the marble to break in different ways, telling us more about the nature of the rock. How it takes a polish is just one of these aspects.
A face is so rich with mystery; reverberant stories; wonder. Most will see the distinct features of a face, voluptuous and elaborate. For me carving the subtleties of the plane of the cheek is the most transporting. Like touching Space.
How do these incredible forms of ours arise out of the Earth, out of the Universe? I can enjoy Science explaining that all day and the sense of the miraculous is not diminished for me. I would not be surprised if one day some rocketship snapped a shot of Deep Space and radioed back a face looking at us. Maybe it would wink.
Flower of Life is marveling at our beautifully complex human form coming out of the 'chaos' of the Universe; out of simpler orders.
It is a face of wisdom and compassion, these qualities I see as the true flower of our human life.
Many people have stopped to chat during the carving process (where I've been working is not very private.) They are all full of kindness. I sense what they are recognizing is their own wisdom and compassion; feeling this reinforced and celebrated.

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Flower of Life

Flower of Life

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