Books & Beyond

  1. The World of the Independent Bookstore

    “… Indie bookshops are outposts of idealism. And if they seem like the most romantic places in the city, it might be down to this – to the way their owners and customers (although “guests”, frankly, seems a more appropriate term) might... Read on...

  2. June is GLBT Book Month!

    In recognition that June is the American Library Association’s GLBT Books month, visit us to pick out some great titles for everyone to enjoy that celebrate literature featuring characters of all sexualities and gender identities. Libraries are... Read on...

  3. New(ish) Kids Fiction and Graphic Novels

    Looking for some good reads for the elementary-school-aged kid in your life?  Check out these staff recommendations from Katie, our Outreach Services Librarian. Front Desk by Kelly Yang Mia Tang works long hours at the front desk of her parents... Read on...

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Summer fun!

  1. Drop-in Reading Buddies playdates, Fridays in June and July at Boulder Ridge Mobile Home Park in Lafayette
  1. Tuesday Storytimes at Festival Plaza in June & July at 10 am
  1. Summer Paws to Read, drop in at 1:30 on June 10, June 24, July 8, and July 22
  1. Terrarium building, grades 3-12, June 27 - Register!